Non-publication orders lifted

Tracey Matters

Today, at 4.15pm, orders preventing the publication of Nicola Gobbo's name and image lapsed.

Nicola Gobbo can now be identified as the former criminal defence barrister who was, at various times between 1 January 1995 and 13 January 2009, acting as a police informant with Victoria Police. She was referred to as ‘EF’ in recent court cases, informant ‘3838’ and other informant numbers by Victoria Police, and was often referred to as ‘Lawyer X’ in the media.

Commissioner Margaret McMurdo, said that knowing Ms Gobbo's identity was critical for the Commission to satisfactorily discharge its function in relation to the Commission's first term of reference which is to report on the number of and the extent to which cases may have been affected by Ms Gobbo's conduct.

'The Commission is now better placed to ascertain the full extent of Ms Gobbo's conduct as a police informer between 1995 and 2009 and the identities of the persons potentially affected.'

'We are calling for submissions from individuals who were legally represented by Nicola Gobbo between 1995 and 2009 and who were found guilty or convicted, and sentenced.'

'If you were represented by Ms Gobbo and believe the outcome of your case may have been affected by her role as an informant with Victoria Police, we encourage you to make a submission.’

‘The due date for submissions relating to our first term of reference has been extended to Friday, 15 March 2019.'

As part of its remit, the Commission is also examining:

a. The adequacy and effectiveness of Victoria Police’s current processes for the recruitment, handling and management of human sources who are subject to legal obligations of confidentiality or privilege.

b. The use of such human source information in the broader criminal justice system, including whether these procedures should be used, and if so, how they can be best implemented in the future.

The due date for these submissions is now Friday, 12 April 2019.