Submissions closing date

The Commission has received submissions from many people who allege that their cases were affected by Ms Gobbo’s use as a human source by Victoria Police. The Commission, its legal team, and staff are working hard to obtain all information necessary to review potentially affected cases, starting with individuals who are currently in custody.

Where relevant evidence comes to light, the Commission will continue to promptly advise the prosecution, consistent with the obligations set out in the Letters Patent.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 1800 312 612 or email [email protected].

Treatment of submissions

Submissions can be treated by the Commission as public, anonymous, or confidential.
  • Public submissions can be published on the website and referenced or quoted in reports.  Prior to publication, the Commission will remove any private contact details (e.g. a personal address).
  • Anonymous submissions will be de-identified by the Commission and can be published on the website and referenced or quoted in reports.  Prior to publication, the Commission will remove the submitter's name and contact details and will redact (black out) any details that could identify the submitter.
  • Confidential submissions will not be published on the website or referenced or quoted in reports.
While the Commission's preference is to make submissions available to the public, there are several reasons why the Commission may choose not to publish a submission. These include the author's preference for the treatment of their submission, the need to protect the safety of the author or other individuals, and legal restrictions including client legal privilege, public interest immunity, defamation and suppression orders. 

Published submissions

The Commission has received 138 submissions. Fifteen submissions have been published below.

Current published submissions cover policy-related issues including the conduct of Victoria Police, the use and management of human sources, evidence obtained from human sources in the criminal justice system, and legal professional ethics and regulation.

Remaining submissions, including many from people who claim to have been affected by Ms Gobbo's conduct, await publishing while the Commission considers their treatment.  Where appropriate, the Commission will publish additional submissions as soon as possible.

Submission 101   Australasian Institute of Policing
Submission 008   Community Advocacy Alliance Incorporated
Submission 097   Criminal Bar Association
Submission 102   Deakin Law Clinic
Submission 023   Emeritus Professor Adrian Evans et al
Submission 006   Dr Olivia Grosser-Ljubanovic
Submission 130   Professor Clive Harfield
Submission 098   International Commission of Jurists Victoria
Submission 099   Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 117   Adjunct Professor Colleen Lewis
Submission 024   Brendan Moss
Submission 091   Victorian Bar
Submission 111   Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
Submission 112   Victoria Legal Aid
Submission 116   Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner