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Submissions have closed Please go to our submissions page for more information.

What's Happening Now

The Commission is required to inquire into and report on the number of, and extent to which, cases may have been affected by the conduct of Ms Nicola Gobbo. Ms Gobbo was a criminal defence barrister who was, at various times between 1 January 1995 and 13 January 2009, acting as a police informant.

As part of its remit, the Commission is also examining:
a. The adequacy and effectiveness of Victoria Police's current processes for the recruitment, handling and management of human sources who are subject to legal obligations of confidentiality or privilege.
b.  The use of such human source information in the broader criminal justice system, including whether these procedures should be used, and if so, how they can be best implemented in the future.

The Commission is currently reviewing the information it has received through written submissions, documentation and hearings evidence.

Please check this website regularly for information about when the next set of hearings will be taking place.